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The Live Escape Game is a new type of entertainment in France.
Enclosed in a room where total immersion is guaranteed, your team (composed of 3 to 6 players) will have 60 minutes to exit while having solved different enigmas in the scenario. The goal of the game is to gather clues to solve a succession of riddles, accomplish your mission and regain freedom! You will have a unique experience where logic, observation and team work are your most important tools to accomplish your mission in less than one hour. Time Block offers a stimulating and entertaining activity in a unique setting where you get to write your own story.

Les équipements

  • Parking
  • Adults rates

    Off-peak hours : €80 / team

    Full hours : €100 / team

    Time block

    Bloc 11

    11 voie du Testelet

    27100 VAL DE REUIL

    +33(0)2 32 09 93 85
    +33(0)6 47 66 55 26



    Off-peak hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 am to 4:45 pm, except public holidays.
    Full hours: Tuesday to Friday from 6pm to 9:45pm, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.





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